Let’s get this Guess the Lighting thing started

August 6, 2010 — 5 Comments

Well, here it goes. Time to  scour the internet for cool images and methodically and scientifically figure out the photo lighting setups. I can’t divulge my entire method, but I will say it involves an iPad, an analog calculator with paper tape, trigonometry, a large loupe, 2 interns and a light meter (of course).

Please feel free to comment. Let me know if you’re 100% convinced or if you beg to differ. If you’re the artist who created the image, give us the whole scoop. And if you have a pic you’d like me to work on, email it over.

Let the “guessing” commence [sound of gong follows].

Ted Sabarese of Ted Sabarese Photography

  • brec

    hey, this is a really cool project. nice to check out when you feel need for food for thought that is actually the need to geek out. 😉 just joking, props man

  • Martin Joergensen


    What a wonderful idea! Well done. I have thoroughly enjoyed your first posts. I have for a long time played a similar game, trying to decipher lighting setups from the reflections in the model’s eyes in ads in glossy magazines. A fun little game, but not nearly as stylish as your diagrams.


  • thanks guys!

  • Evan

    what a brilliant read, right up with with the Strobist blog, keep it up man. I have it bookmarked so keep updating, cheers 🙂