Greenfield-Sanders lights porn-star Jenna Jameson with some class

August 24, 2010 — 1 Comment
Greenfield-Sanders' photo lighting of jenna jameson on guess the lighting

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of jenna jameson on guess the lighting

copyright, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

This elegant photo of Jenna Jameson from the book XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits was created with 1 bi-tube light and a collapsable reflector.

Camera: Deardorf 8×10 with 450mm Nikkor lens and Kodak Portra NC 160 film, obviously set on a tripod 10 feet from the model. Shot at 1/60, f32, ISO 160.

Lighting: Timothy has made a career out of simple, single light source portraiture. The key light is a giant Elinchrom Octabank at f32 (powered by two Profoto 2400 packs and one bi-tube) five feet to the right of camera. For a little fill, an assistant holds a reflector just below Jenna’s waist, angled toward her face. Since it is not lit, the white background has gone grey.

Comments: Freshly mustachioed and chewing on a cigar, Timothy summoned his inner Terry Richardson and shot Jenna over the course of a sixer of Bud tall boys. There was no shortage of assistants, interns, volunteers and generic helpers for this shoot.

  • William

     How far would you guess the subject is standing from the seamless?