New posting style starts today

September 1, 2010 — 13 Comments

Starting today, I’ll post in a new, simplified format. No more of the automatic picture slideshow. If you were a huge fan of that, much apologies. I think the new look allows you to better compare the photo with the lighting diagram. And some older computers didn’t handle the slideshow very well.

The post will be up shortly. Let me know what you think.

  • Jan

    nice, care to explain how to disable the slideshow function? It rather annoys me…

    • Ted Sabarese

      you have to create a text post, then add pictures. instead of making a picture post.

      • Jan

        thanks :)

  • Chris

    Love the blog.

    I also think it’s great to have both the original image and the lighting diagram on the page at the same time. Viewed it like this on the iphone a week ago and thought it work well.


    • Ted Sabarese

      good to hear, chris. thanks.

  • Carlo Ricci

    I like the new photo display format much better, well done.

    The blog is simply awesome, keep the great work up.


    • Ted Sabarese

      thanks carlo.

  • Guildford Photographer

    New format is much better.

  • Ron

    Great blog. Many thanks for taking the time. Prefer the new format also.

    • Ted Sabarese

      you’re welcome, ron. glad you’re liking it.

  • frances

    I love the new format, slideshows were akin to spoilers to a good tv series. Love your blog!

    • Ted Sabarese

      glad to hear. thanks.

  • HElloy

    Retardation is always the element of surprise. At least in an informative and great blog like this!