Jeff Minton’s crispy-ish lighting of juggling champ

September 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

jeff minton's photo lighting of juggler on guess the lighting blog

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of juggler on guess the lighting blog

copyright, Jeff Minton

Jeff’s lighting usually has a seemingly simple, pleasing quality to it (though there’s more going on than we’d think). In this image for the New York Times Magazine, Jeff has managed to evenly light the room and bring out the character of the subjects with 4 lights. To get a better look at the image, click here.

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II with 35mm lens, handheld 10 feet back from the subjects. Shot at 1/250, f5.6, ISO 100.

Lighting: It’s not easy to light a large room like this, but no prob for jeff. The key light is a white beauty dish at f8, up high and eight feet to camera left, aimed at the juggler’s head. The room is lit by an on-camera ring flash a f5.6, which also serves as a nice fill for all the people. A standard reflector at f8 is out of frame to camera left and positioned three feet past the older man. A narrow beam reflector with barn doors at f11 is placed outside the window to camera right and aimed in at the juggler’s head, creating the hair highlights and rim lighting on his shoulder. The mountains outside are pretty evenly lit by a cloudy sky, metering at f5.6.

Comments: Jeff brought along a whole arsenal of juggling objects other than the pins: chainsaws, machetes, chickens, tennis racquets, bowling balls, torches, urban axes and legs of lamb. Unfortunately, he never got to shoot with any of them. Early in the day, the juggler dropped a pin which chipped the coffee table. The elderly woman in the shot, who also owned the home, threw a fit and everyone out. She then called her son-in-law to come by with “some glue” and “maybe a pliers” to fix the table before her Texas Hold’em group met the following morning.

  • Jeff

    Pretty close!
    Toyo Field 4×5 160vc 110mm 1/250 f11
    No ring just reg reflector bounced up behind me.
    Love the blog,