Guess the “meat couture”

September 20, 2010 — 7 Comments

This is a slight departure from the norm, but hey, it’s Monday. Try to guess who shot these two outfits made from fresh, USDA prime cuts of beef. First one to post the correct answers wins total consciousness, on their deathbeds. Which is nice.

And which adornment looks the meatiest of the two? Ready. Go.

We can talk about lighting at a later date.

terry richardson photo lighting for lady gaga on guess the lighting

ted sabarese photo lighting of meat skirt on guess the lighting blog


  • Jan

    sabarese and richardson, i hate this reply system…

  • DP

    Top one looks like Terry Richardson.

  • victoria

    I like the Meat and Potato chip version better.

  • Jesse

    Terry Richardson on photo 1. If not then it’s in his “style” (if you consider that a style.)

    Bottom could be anyone. Simple guess would be 1 light up high camera left. I’m gonna go with Zack Arias just to tribute the possible use of only one light… 🙂

  • ShoShots

    Terry Richardson

  • terry richardson.
    phillip toledano.

  • Terry Richardson, d’oh! 🙂