Hetherington’s moo cow lighting confirmed

September 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

Well now isn’t this cool? Yesterday, Andrew Hetherington posted the actual lighting for his cow portrait on What’s the Jackanory?. And I wasn’t all that far off. Here’s the scoop with Andrew’s edits (not a bad drawing, either):

As promised after Guess the Lighting had a go at my Moo Cow set up here’s the full reveal. Ted wasn’t too far off

Camera: Hasselblad 503cw 553elx with waist level finder 80mm 50mm lens and Kodak Portra NC 160 film, set on a tripod hand held 12 feet back. Shot at 1/125 1/60 f8, ISO 160100.

Lighting: The key is a speedlight Q Flash at f8 that Andrew held with his left hand at arms length had on a stand 6ft high and triggered with a pocket wizard to camera left. The sky is at f5.6 (-1 stop).

Comments: No matter how much black nectar Andrew offered the cow, she wouldn’t come out from behind the stone fence, apparently quite coy and modest. But once the camera was packed away, she sauntered right over and pounded a few pints with him, gabbing about politics and how Irish grass blows away the Scottish shwag.

It was a bit early for the black nectar, more like time for the full Irish breakfast. The photo was taken about 7.30am on a hazy August morning with the sun rising behind my left shoulder. The sky behind the cow was heavy with fog which burnt away a couple of minutes after I took the shot.

As Guess the Lighting progresses, I hope to get more and more artists replying with their actual lighting setups. Thanks, Andrew.