David Lindsey Wade’s lighting captures every inch of violence

October 22, 2010 — 3 Comments

david lindsey wade's photo lighting for shootout on guess the lighting blog

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram for lindsey wade on guess the lighting blog

copyright, David Lindsey Wade.

Check out a hi-res image here.

This action-packed image is from David’s personal series depicting a drug bust gone bloody. It was created with 5 lights and the sun.

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II with 28mm lens, set on a tripod 8 feet back. Shot at 1/125, f16, ISO 100.

Lighting: The key light on our hero shotgunner is a silver beauty dish at f16, positioned high and six feet to camera right. Another white beauty dish at f11 (-1 stop) is high and out of frame to camera left. This provides fill on the shotgunner and helps light the background characters. A standard reflector shot through a 6×6 silk at f16 is outside the window to camera left. Another standard reflector at f32 (+2 stops) is behind the wall in the kitchen to camera right and aimed toward the table. This provides the hot hair and arm highlights on the guys by the table. A Profoto giant, parabolic reflector at f4 1/2 (-3 1/2 stops) is behind camera for general fill. A separate plate of the bare room was shot at 1 second without lights to capture the lamp light, as well as the blown-out highlights from the sun in the back window. These elements were composited together in post.

Comments: David’s producer somehow swung it so they were shooting with real money and drugs. Since there was over $1 million in recovered, small bills and $200K in uncut cocaine, the real law enforcement was on set keeping tabs. All of the models were required to wear ankle monitors and take a drug test after the production wrapped.

  • Dlw

    close but no cigar…………….DLW

  • DJH

    Love your blog.  I forgot I had it I’ve been so busy but always love coming back to it.

  • Brian

    Looks like a ringlight on the camera for this one