Lyndon Wade’s graphic lighting for his “Room 107” series

October 28, 2010 — 4 Comments

lydon wade's photo lighting room 107 series on guess the lighting

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of lyndon wade on guess the lighting blog

copyright, Lyndon Wade.

The Room 107 series is pretty sick. There are 12 or so different scenarios that take place in the same motel room. Everything from porn shoots to kidney harvesting to gangster shakedowns (how about that super realistic blood splatter?). This image was created with 6 strobes and 4 room lights. Check out a hi-res version here.

And yes. Lyndon is David Lindsey’s brother.

Camera: Canon D1s Mark II with a 50mm lens, positioned on a tripod 8 feet back. Shot at 1/125, f8, ISO 100.

Lighting: I’m guessing this was a set built in a studio with more room to tweak light than an actual hotel room. The puncher and punchee are lit with a small softbox at f8 boomed high out of frame and slightly behind the two. A small softbox at f8 is boomed high above the man sitting on the bed and aimed toward the camera left wall. A small softbox at f8 is positioned similarly to camera right. Another small softbox at f8 is boomed high and center near the back wall, aimed downward. A standard reflector at f16 (+2 stops) is bounced off the bathroom ceiling and casts the highlights on the rear, camera-right wall. For the perfectly creepy, blueish fill, Lyndon used a silver beauty dish at f2.8 (-3 stops) with full CTB gel. A separate plate was shot at 1 second to capture the glow of all 4 lamp lights and composited together during post.

Comments: To heighten the sense of reality, Lyndon hired a real gangster “debt collector” as an on-set consultant. He proved invaluable in pointing out subtleties such as where the blood splatter should land, the precise ratio of water to cement mix and that duct tape has 1001 uses, from gag to handcuffs to noose.

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