The Panasonic Lumix G2 television ad

November 15, 2010 — 6 Comments

Okay, this isn’t a lighting guess. But it’s pretty funny. And somehow seems to fits in here. Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe everyone just uses the Lumix. Or not.

  • Tina

    Funny. Computational photography is changing the way we work and think of writing with light and creating images (e.g., changing the focus of the image after it’s shot and more are coming). As David Hockney pointed out for the ipad, it’s another tool with which to create. Hockney has also shattered the old dog, new tricks adage.

  • LMFAO!!!!!

  • Funny. But IRL, an audience like that doesn’t care what aperture and shutter speed a photograph was taken at. The only people whow want to know that are amateur photographers. And I’ve never seen a photography exhibition prestented on a projector. The scene (and choice of pictures) would have made much more sense if he was just showing his shots to some friends.

    Sorry, that’s the ex advertising copywriter in me speaking.

  • Whoa, David Cohen killing my buzz there. Cheers man!

    I might get you to read at my wedding.

  • Call me if you need me to ruin someones funny story by going
    “well ACTUALLY…”

  • Funki_pants

    I worked on the stills photoshoot for this TVC … I think he was suppose to have won a photography award……