Mark Seliger lights cowboy Shatner to match the waning western sun

February 14, 2011 — 2 Comments

mark seliger's photo lighting of shatner on guess the lighting blog

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of shatner on guess the lighting blog

copyright, Mark Seliger.

There’s something about this image I just love. It could be Shatner’s complete commitment to his character. Or that he might be the closest thing to a modern-day cowboy we have. I’m not sure. But Seliger has captured the indescribable perfectly. And with only one light (plus some late-day sun).

Camera: Mamiya RZ67 with Phase One P45 digital back and 110mm lens, handheld 12 feet back. Shot at 1/125, f5.6, ISO 50.

Lighting: With the sun beginning to dip behind the treeline, Mark didn’t have much time to capture this shot. The key light is a medium softbox at f5.6 set high and six feet to camera right. The ambient light is at f4. There’s definitely quite a bit of post work here, too.

Comments: On three different occasions, Mark caught Shatner replacing the blank ammo with live shells. When the once Captain Kirk was taking a bathroom break, the prop stylist removed the firing pins from the pistols, just to be on the safe side.

  • Chappers

    I would love to know how he balanced the flash and daylight colours. With a filter? Or is that entire huge fake and added in post production.

  • i’d guess the color tone was done entirely in post.