Bjorn Iooss lights up paradise (and Irina Shayk) for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover

February 18, 2011 — 3 Comments

bjorn iooss' photo lighting of irina shayk for si swimsuit cover on guess the lighting

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of irina shayk swimsuit on guess the lighting

copyright, Bjorn Iooss.

Many, many, many people get excited for the annual release of the S.I. swimsuit issue. But this year, no one is more excited than Bjorn (son of famous sports photographer, Walter). This shot of Irina was an add-on: an image possibly for an advertorial. Never intended for the cover shot. But some early morning sun, a little lycra, sand and a Russian supermodel earned him the honor. No lights were used, only one silver reflector.

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark III with 24-70mm lens, handheld six feet back. Shot at 1/60, f5.6, ISO 100.

Lighting: The Hawaiian sun has just risen over the horizon to camera left. Bjorn cuts back on the contrast with a large silver reflector placed just out of frame to camera right. The horde of people standing around aren’t there for him. They’re all for Irina.

Comments: Though located on a secluded beach, this shoot wasn’t without incident. While Irina was changing bathing suits, a junior stylist noticed a man hiding in a garbage can trying to take pictures. She immediately called security and covered Irina in a towel. When the police arrived, the culprit turned out to be Mel Gibson. He was researching for an upcoming role as a desperate paparazzo needing $1M to save his estranged daughter from kidnappers. The mixup was quickly straightened out and Mel, Irina and Bjorn laughed about it over a friendly, three-way game of Kadima. No charges were pressed.

  • eric

    Are you guessing about the lens? I think you’re right (having seen a behind-the-scenes pic), but what’s behind your guess (or knowledge)?

    • i am guessing. seems like the lens a SI swimsuit photog would use (it’s an incredibly popular fashion lens). judging by the depth of field, i’d say he’s using it at 70mm.

  • Errole

    this is cool