Guess the Lighting Update (with Art Streiber comments on his shoot)

November 9, 2012 — 6 Comments

Hey all. Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks now. Hurricane Sandy, though not physically affecting my home or studio, caused quite a bit of devastation and problems in the NYC area. It’s incredibly sad how much damage was done. Needless to say, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks and today is my first day back in the studio.

I’m working on a guess as we speak and should have it up either today or Monday at the latest. It’s a pretty amazing shot from children photographer Achim Lippoth.

Also, Art Streiber wrote in with photo lighting feedback on my guess from his North by Northwest shoot with Seth Rogen. You can see his full comments here. The behind the scenes image below was taken by Art’s assistant Elaine Browne.

art streiber behind the scenes on guess the lighting

I look forward to getting back to some more guessing.


  • The behind the scene image was almost as good as the commissioned image..nice to be able to see how those magnums were placed..

    • it’s a super shot, right?

      • It is super..the guy running alongside the truck adds to the drama..I just looked at those people with the fish they resemble shots.. very good.. love the one of the chick with the big eyes.. lol

        • thanks for the props

          • Ted,Just a suggestion.. how about an analysis of one or two Anthony Mandler’s images,they have interesting lighting..

  • bekaya

    Fantastic blog indeed! 🙂

    But, Helmut Newton already did it, now it is just SO EASY to do this.