An odd favor to ask. Entirely unrelated to photo lighting.

December 21, 2012 — 1 Comment

*UPDATE: 12/23/12

Thanks to everyone who has been sending in pics of their lovable pooches. Please remember to let me know their names and who shot the photos so I can give proper photo credit. Keep ’em coming, they’re fantastic! I’ll have an update shortly where you can see them. 

Thanks again,

Hey everyone. I have a request that may seem a bit strange. If any of you dog lovers out there have a cool photo of your mutt, I’d love for you to send it my way. I’m working on a new “guessing” project where i postulate which dogs got together to create the mutt in question. There may even be mediocre sketches of the aforementioned breeding moment. Complete with the inglorious lack of detail some of you find endearing.

If guessed upon, your dog will be slightly world-famous and you’ll know the mix without paying for expensive doggy DNA tests 🙂

A minimum of 900 pixels on the longest side would be great. Snapshots are perfect. You can email them here.

Back to photo lighting guessing now. Thanks for your continued support.


Guess the Pooch dog


  • Dale of

    Did you ever finish this? I’m a bit of a dog lover… love older more settled dogs… I have some pics of my jack russell if you are still collecting pics.