A brand spanking new guessing venture: Guess the Pooch

January 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

Sorry for this interruption in your regularly scheduled lighting guessing. And for the shameless plug. But thanks to everyone was kind/gracious/fantastic enough to send pics of their pooches, I’m able to announce the launch of my latest guessing undertaking:

guess the pooch blog logo by ted sabarese

Guess the Pooch

It’s similar to this blog except it has absolutely nothing to do with lighting. I take fan-submitted pics of their lovable pooches and attempt to guess which doggies got together to create the mutt in question. I then create a brand new breed of dog (which will never be sanctioned by the American Kennel Club) and sketch it with the inglorious lack of detail you’ve come to expect.

I’ll only be guessing on pooches submitted by you, so please send some pics if you’d like me take a stab at guessing their lineage. It’s way cheaper than a DNA test, though most likely less correct.

Here are some examples of the newly developed breeds and corresponding drawings for you to peruse.

a new breed of dog on guess the pooch

a new breed of dog from guess the pooch

The new blog is just a wee baby but will grow like any puppy. With plenty of furniture chewing, sock eating and carpet wetting.

Okay, now back to light guessing. Promise.

Thanks for your continued support,