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  • Mario Guzmán

  • Daniel Merle

    My blog is http:blogs/ and I keep track of your work every week. congratulations.

  • Alia Thomas

    Great idea for a blog! Definitely going to be looking at it regularly.

  • Oriol Pladevall
  • Chris Vaccaro

    Thank you for your creative mind.

  • AL

    Thank you, your blog has inspired me.

  • amy bode

    love the site!
    please could you look at paolo roversi’s work

  • John Ferguson

    Great site and idea. What about the great work of Olaf Erwin? Forgive me if you’ve covered his work already.

    kind regards

  • Jørgen Asmussen

    Nice! If you’re up for it, post more about annie leibovitz, Marco Grob and Steven Meisel :) Nice reading

  • Aschenbecher

    Today I discover your website and promise! u make me soooo happy with it….thanks so much!!!!!!

  • Christoph Spranger

    Thank you, your blog has inspired me.

  • Euniceh

    Thank you. I would like to be a fan on your site.

  • Edward T.

    Fun Blog! I plan on studying the style of Annie Leibovitz next month, and your blog is helpful.

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