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  • jimdigritz

    Hi Ted, I would love to see you deconstruct the lighting on these Vogue shots

  • Hi Ted, Ive got a shoot coming up at night with a young man inside of his car. I found this image by the amazing Eric Ogden that I love. Any ideas on how it was shot?
    Kind regards

  • GM


  • R.johansson

    Hi Ted,
    Any idea how this lovely shot by Sean and Seng is shot? Was done for Dazed & Confused.

  • I would love it if you guessed the lighting of the GOT promotion:

  • figo

    Hi Ted, would you have time to deconstruct the lighting for this Uniqlo campaign? I love the smooth lighting and would love to know how it was done. Thanks in advance.

  • Syed

    Can You guess the lighting. Please 🙂 Thanks in advance …

    • DJ Scoop

      there was one gigantic hanging over head in the room that they shot this furniture in. probably one like this and being the entire room was white gave you the over brightness of everything else. notice the shadows are directly under the furniture. the main light was certainly over head, they could have added other lights from the camera side to even out lighting or just open up smaller shadows.

  • Βασιλειος Σταυροπουλος

    Hi Ted, I really admire your skills. I came upon this photo and I have to admit, neither I nor my fellow photographers are quite sure how it was made. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • DJ Scoop

      This is football stadium lighting or at least the setup is…chances are this is not the original photo and it s composition. Look at how they light players in madden or fifa video games…same light setup except in this there would have to be lights behind this structure to achieve the shadows that are coming towards the camera yet there seems to be nothing out there in the abyss lol. Chances are they had 6 to 8 hot lights (just by counting the shadow figures on the ground) took the photo then took another photo of the structure or scene with no lights or structure and composed them together.

  • lubbactually

    “next big thing ish” — — guess the lighting?

  • nouveautron

    Hey! Could you help a photography student out with this lighting?
    Thank you!!

  • nouveautron

    This is the picture

  • jai

    can you help me find the lighting for these pictures?

  • chuckarlund

    I’d love to meet you. We have similar drawing skills. You are much cleaner than I am but still similar. 🙂

  • alvaro

    hi ted, why arent you givings us your magic anymore? theres no other web page that does what you do! please let us know ! best regards

  • Josefina

    Hello Ted,
    Can you please help me to guess the lighting of this pictures.

  • Lux

    hi Ted, can you help me? Thank you so much and hi from Italy. L.

  • Talia Dekel

    Hi Ted! Trying to do something like this. Guessing its just a strobe head in the midst of the fog?? Please help if you can!

  • Hi Ted, Great site!

  • Katie

    Hi Ted, thank you for this site! Could you help to figure out how to create this simple light?

    • katie


    • katie
      • Kyle

        since he hasn’t answered, I’m gonna guess a 5ft strip-box (rectangular softbox) to camera right, positioned vertically(5ft edges vertical, and 1ft edges horizontal) and with the top edge slightly closer to her head, than the bottom edge, is to her body. There is enough falloff in the light that I would guess the edge of the strip-box was visible in the original photo, then photoshopped out afterwards (It had to be just a few inches from her) shot between f5.6 and f11. the background doesn’t really have to be black, as long as it is far behind the subject and you don’t let your light spill onto it. Also, if you really want to nail this look, you will have to dodge and burn the image in photoshop afterwards… throw in a little frequency separation, and you are good to go.
        Good luck, and Ted… if you see this, let me know what you think 🙂

  • Melanie

    Wake up, Ted! Where’ve you been? I simply haven’t been able to guess ANY lighting since you’ve been actually living in the real world! I want another post!