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craig cutler's photo lighting for heineken ad on guess the lighting blog

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram for heineken ad on guess the lighting blog

copyright, Craig Cutler.

Craig is a master of lighting. He’ll light a bottle of booze for three days until it’s “just right.” This shot is a departure from his typically fastidious nature. It’s raw. It’s a little sloppy. You can smell it like a scratch-n-sniff. Kudos to Craig for getting out of his comfort zone and driving home the point that it’s all about the beer. Done with 2 strobes.

Camera: Sinar p2 4×5 with Schneider 150mm Apo-Symmar and Kodak Portra VC 160 film, set on a tripod 8 feet back. Shot at 1/60, F32, ISO 100 (pulled 1/2 stop).

Lighting: The key light is an on-camera ring light at f22 1/2 (-1/2 stop). A standard reflector at f32 1/2 (+1/2 stop) is bounced up against the cabinetry (I’m guessing there are some above the sink) from camera left to break up the flatness.

Comments: It took over 4 hours for the stylist to make the food look as perfectly horrendous as it does. Not surprisingly, nobody had much of an appetite by lunch time and drank luke-warm Amstels in lieu of food.