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dan winters' photo lighting of schwarzenegger on guess the lighting blog

ted sabarese photo lighting diagram of scharzenegger on guess the lighting blog

copyright, Dan Winters

This personality-filled, personality portrait of the Governator from Dan’s book Periodical Photographs was created with 2 light sources.

Camera: Sinar F1 4×5 camera with Schneider 210mm lens and Kodak Portra 160 NC negative film, set on a tripod 8 feet back. Shot at 1/60, f22, ISO 80 (pulled 1 stop).

Lighting: The beauty of all Dan’s images lies in his signature, simple lighting. The key light here is a large octabank at f22 six feet to camera right. An on-camera ring flash at f11 adds just enough punch to open the shadows.

Comments: While Arnold was blowing this big league-sized bubble, the producer asked him how many fish tacos he wanted for lunch.